• Books & Publications
• Advertising
• Commissioned Art

• For Films, Animations, Games
• Character Design & Development
• Props: Objects, Tools, Vehicles, etc.
• Some Storyboarding

I’m a “traditional”, kind of “old school”, “analog”, artist. As you’ve probably sensed with my portfolio, I primarily work in pen, pencil, and ink on paper. It’s what I do best.

To be honest, using the computer to create illustrations and sketches isn’t something I do. So please note that I don’t offer any digital artwork or services — except scanning my illustrations and art for delivery. What I love is creating a concept and then watching the digital magicians who use their gifts to bring my creations to life. It’s a process that’s worked quite well on every project.

I can execute a range of styles: realistic, semi-realistic, edgy, cartoony, hyper-stylized, or whatever visual direction you need. What I deeply enjoy is illustrating and drawing in the traditional style of illustrators like Gustave Dore, Charles Dana Gibson, N.C. Wyeth, Frederic Remington, and Syd Mead.

I work off-site and have excellent phone, web cam, fax and scan technologies at my fingertips.

Fees are based on daily rates, hourly rates, or on a fixed project bid. Please feel free to call (646)-734-6461 to get specific rates/fees for your illustration and artwork needs.